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The experience was eye opening and encouraging. I believe the changes I’m making will have long lasting positive health effects for my family.
— Stephanie K., Olympia, WA

Thanks for visiting Detox by Design. I'm Megan, the founder and creator.

Healthy living has always been my passion, which led to graduating with my Master's of Public Health degree in 2003 and a 10+ year career in the public health field. 

Becoming a mother broadened my focus of healthy living to detoxing our home environment. I researched and read everything I could find and I cleaned out all the "traditional" cleaning products you find under most kitchen sinks. 

Not everyone has the time (or desire) to do that! I love helping others find safe swaps and I'd love to help you remove the toxin filled products lurking in your home. I'll make it easy for you to go toxin free and leave you with a kit prepared to handle your every day cleaning needs.

I will step in to help reduce the overwhelm and confusion around going toxin-free. Let me help you detox your products so you can feel confident that the products you buy are safe for you and your family.
— Megan

All photography provided by Amy Blomquist