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What other toxins could be lurking in my home?

Have you ever wondered if there was something inside your house making you sick?

Even when we’re careful about our cleaning products and other items we buy, there may still be toxins or allergens lurking elsewhere. Like radon, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lead, and dust mites.

My recent client was curious about this. So I dug a little deeper and created a fact sheet to put all the information in one place and make it easy to understand.

In the process, I learned a few things myself.


Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that causes lung cancer. It comes from the soil and seeps into homes through cracks and holes in the foundation. Scary, huh?

It is pretty nerve-racking to think that there might be a radioactive gas in the basement where our daughters spend a lot of time playing!

I never thought radon was a problem where we lived. I’ve checked the radon risk map and we live in a low risk area. But in my research, I found that the EPA recommends that everyone test for radon. So I bought a simple radon kit on Amazon. I just started the 48 hour test and I’ll share my results with you when I get them.


Mold is commonly found in areas with extra moisture. This is why it is so important to use a fan in the bathroom. We use a dehumidifier in our basement to help lower the humidity and prevent the dank smell that is so common in basements.

Dust Mites

Managing the humidity in your home also helps with dust mites which are in almost every home. Yuck!

Just like my mom taught me, washing bedding weekly in hot water helps kill them. It’s also a good idea to vacuum and dust regularly and use allergen blocking mattress and pillow covers.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are released (often called off-gassing) and some are toxic. Formaldehyde is a common VOC found in particle board, glues, and other items. It is a known carcinogen. You can test for VOCs in your home.


Although lead was banned from use in paint in 1978, it can still be found in water, toys, jewelry, imported candy and cosmetics. There’s a longer list of tips to prevent lead exposure in the fact sheet with links for more in-depth reading. Check it out if this is one of your concerns.

I hope you found this brief breakdown helpful!

Have you tested your home for radon, mold, or VOCs?

Please share your experiences and don’t forget to grab the fact sheet!